Friday, 31 August 2012

Topshop's Sensationalist Collection

Channel Your Dark Side With Topshop's Sensationalist Collection

Channel your dark-side with Topshop's fourth and final fall 2012 collection. I have to admit that I think this one; dubbed the Sensationalist collection; is my favorite. Unlike the first three collections— Scandi girl, Factory girl and Pennsylvania; this one is all about what you should wear when you are heading out at night and it is definitely not for the faint of heart. Classic black mini dresses are embellished with knee-length fringe, sheer tank tops decorated with gold studs, maxi skirts made from a barely-there sheer fabric, cropped trousers in metallic gold, and party dresses finished in smatterings of gold and silver sequins (very Virgos lounge-y). I LOVE IT!!!!  

Luckily, party season is just around the corner, so you’ll have plenty of time to make use of the collection. To check it out in full, head over to

Channel Your Dark Side With Topshop's Sensationalist Collection

Weekend Style- Summer to Fall

summer to fall

summer to fall by tope-1990 featuring skinny fit jeans

Now that summer is winding up and fall is on the horizon, your weekends are likely filled with warm days and cool nights, which means an instant outfit for the summer/fall transition is definitely welcome. Thankfully, the lovely lady pictured above is providing me with plenty of inspiration. Her modern-polished outfit is both eye-catching and easy to wear, which are definitely key elements when it comes to the weekend. Plus, thanks to the slew of separates, you can add and remove layers as the weather changes. How simple is that? All you need is a plain white tee, skinny jeans, jacket/cardigan and flats.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Box Clutch

box clutch

box clutch by tope-1990 featuring clutches

It is no secret that box clutches have been everywhere - on the red carpet, and even the streets; which is why I am so excited about this accessory trend to pop up on the radar. Thanks to top tastemakers like Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba, and Victoria Beckham, box clutches are having a moment in the spotlight, and it isn’t hard to see why. Not only do they instantly give any outfit the “wow factor,” but you don’t have to follow a strict set of rules to try this look. Box bags are perfect for a dinner date, red carpet events, weddings and any other formal or black-tie event. Of course, the other good news is that you can pair your box clutch with just about anything in your closet—whether you opt for a glamorous ball gown, cocktail dress or a blazer paired with jeans. On that note, click through to today’s Accessory Report to find out where you can get a box clutch of your own, no matter your budget. Read on!

box clutches

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Tutorial 4: Basic Blouse with Diamond dart

Measurements needed: shoulder, bust, bust point, waist, back half length, hips, round neck, arm hole, blouse length, neck depth and bust span.

Calculations Needed:

  1. shoulder/2 + 0.5
  2. bust point + 0.5
  3. bust/4 + 1"
  4. back half length + 0.5
  5. waist/4 + dart allowance + 1"
  6. blouse length + 1.5"
  7. hips/4 + 1"
  8. Bust apart/2 + 0.5
  9. round neck/6 + 2 or 3" (for neck width, depending on how wide you want it)
  • Fold your pattern paper into 2 and Measure the neck width X and depth J ( i usually use 3" for both because i like high necks) from the folded tip marked O.

  • Join X and J using a french curve for a round neck ( you can use any other neck block you want)

  • Measure the shoulder from O and this is labelled point D, take 1" below point D (D1) and join to X. This gives the slope of the shoulder.

  • From point O, measure the bust point A, back half length B and blouse length C vertically along the folded side of the paper.

  • Draw  horizontal straight lines from these points

  • Measure bust along line A line (A1), waist along line B line (B1) and hips along line C line (C1) and join the points to give the outline of the top.

  • Measure 1.5" above the bust line and join point D1 ( tip of shoulder line) to the point using a french curve, this will give you the armhole

  • Measure 1" upward from C1 and curve into length of the top. This is to give the edge a bit of shape.

  • Measure bust  apart on the bust line(A11), waist line (B11) and hip line (C11)

  • Measure 1.5' below A11 and mark this point

  • Measure 0.5" on either sides of B11 and mark

  • Join the point below A11 to the 0.5" on either sides of B11 and to C11. This should give you a diamond shaped dart.

  • Cut out along the outline of the top.

See how easy it is; you can also include your under and upper bust measurement for more fitting.
Enjoy and keep visiting.......

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wedding ready: Romantic lace

Hi everyone, went to a wedding on Saturday and I made this beautiful ivory lace dress for it. I thought the material was perfect for the occasion, lace with a million sparkling sequins on it. I decided to decorate it by beading, making it even more romantic. Definitely got a lot of compliments, t'was a fun day. 

sew darn cute
                                         sew darn cute by tope-1990 featuring a high heel

Grey and black have taken over the neutral basic color scene for quite some time now and it’s time that white is slowly starts to take over. Perhaps the change in colour can be  brought about by the changing seasons, because nothing says “a fresh new start” quite like a little white dress.

More good news?!!,  single girls don't need to wait until Mr. Right finally comes to wear white lace. The who's who of Fashionistas have been about sporting the super-feminine fabric through the seasons.

My inspiration- of course Kim Kardashian, I'm such a Kim junkie (her style that is).

kim junkie, i know!!!!

Kim junkie, i know!!!! by tope-1990 featuring gorg Louboutin peep toe pumps
Erdem dress

Christian Louboutin peep toe pumps

I love the ivory lace number by George Hobeika Kim celebrated her 30th birthday in. This peek-a-boo style would be perfect for a party.


more lace numbers



Sunday, 19 August 2012

Glamour Girl: Blake Lively

blake lively

blake lively by tope-1990 

While many know Blake Lively as upper east side's Serena Van der Woodsen on Gossip girl, we at fashion with love have identified the actress as quite the style maven, popular for her fashion style and amazing combinations, Blake Lively is one of the trendiest fresh actresses and looking at her street style, i can safely guess she will be around for a long time.

What does she wear?
Blake Lively`s street style is all about mix and matching things that a normal person wouldn`t think could go along. However, she manages to do it quite brilliantly. Besides, her wardrobe is filled with some of the most amazing high heels and Oxfords you can imagine. For instance, on one outing in in Los Angeles (far left), she mixed an embellished jacket, blue leather skirt, and yellow skin pumps to create a balance of cool and classic pieces. On another occasion (second from left), Blake paired a striped tank with a breezy mint- flower print skirt, before adding a pair of nude strappy heels—a look that mixed California-chic with boho charm. On yet another occasion (savages premier) (second from right), an amazing zuhair Muhad nude dress tapered with black in geometric patterns,  she paired it with bold red lips creating a look that was certain to catch the eye. Last, but certainly not least,  (far right) Blake layered a wine blazer with blue stripes over a plaid shirt and shorts, with a bright red-patterned tie, grey tights and Oxford shoes; infusing a preppy look with a playful touch.

How does she style it?
While Blake does play with a slew of different styles, one thing remains the same throughout every outfit: a sense of fun. Whether she adds a graphic tee, an embellished blazer, "glamour goddess" dress , or a brightly colored heel to her outfit, every ensemble she puts together has a fun twist, and as such, this “sense of fun” has become part of her signature. Another key element of Blake's style is the way she plays with patterns. she owns it in a way that makes it seem oh-so effortless.

I personally consider Blake Lively one of the best dressed in Hollywood and I believe she can easily compete with fashionable celebrities such as Victoria Beckham or Sarah Jessica Parker. We can easily say that she`s got the perfect body figure for any outfit, she seems to know how to show off her best assets, being her legs and bust and she chooses feminine outfits that expose her curvy look.

How can I make Blake’s look my own?
The key to Blakes’s look is how she mixes different pieces with each other, so rather than find you an entire outfit to make your own, select specific pieces that you can use to mix with your current wardrobe.

Glamour girl: Blake Lively

Glamour girl: Blake Lively by tope-1990 featuring high heels

Jil Sander short shorts

High heels

Warehouse clutch handbag
$41 -

Marni cuff jewelry
$335 -

Dorothy Perkins gold jewelry

River Island collar necklace
$6.29 -

Leggings, jeans, short pants and even large summer trousers are all part of her amazing wardrobe as well as great autumn coats and short skirts. Accessories play also a very important part in Blake Lively`s street style.

Vogue September 2012

Check it out, Blake Lively Street Style! Enjoy!

blake lively, blake lively style, blake lively street style

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