Friday, 18 May 2012


We all have those days we want to be comfortable and look chic at the same time, the good news is now you can! The Iro and Buba is the loyal and steadfast fashion staple of the Nigerian Woman. Its been around forever and will still be long after now. Its comfortable, chic and hides most of our flaws (especially the tummy), the only problem is it makes you look a bit older. Que the 'OLEKU'. 

Oleku is a brilliant take on the iro and buba trend. Its edgy, you can make it your own, dress it up or down and its super comfortable.

There are so many takes on this trend right now but I love it in its  traditional form, the way it was meant to be; 'OLEKU' at its best; simple, comfortable and chic.

Here are some other designs

My lovely cousin, Ms pampam

 Beautiful people, sumbo and Ms pampam in Iro and Buba at its best


Anonymous said...

love the blog....

Anonymous said...

Hi! Now, the Oleku is just the top, right?