Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hot Lip Color

Hot Lip Color

My favourite make up trend this year has to be the bold lip. Its sexy, fun and flirty. A pop of lip color is always a way to make a statement without saying a word. your lip color will only be as nice to you as you are to it. Make sure you seal all tubes tight and keep them out of warm humid places and away from direct sunlight. If possible, put all lip products on with a good lip brush to help set the color into our lips and just not on top of them. And finally, always prime your lips before using a long-wearing lip color. You will want the freshest,softest skin on top so it will hold the color the best. An easy way to do that is Sprinkling a little sugar in the palm of your hand, add a drop of honey and a drop of olive oil. Gently rub together into your lips for a few minutes then rinse off. Add your lip color right away.

 Here are guidelines to help you apply your lip color appropriately:

 I know we all want the red lips now, u see it on every tom, dick and harry but the truth is it doesn't go with every skin tone. So ladies (especially dark skinned beauties) dial it down a bit with a berry or dark fuchsia shade and stick to what suits you; not every trend is for everyone.


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Get the look: Geek Chic

Loving all things geeky, geek chic is back in style recently, but this fashion trend is not as easy as it looks, this time I've made the look cooler than cool (blush).

Get the look

Primark jacket, Topman skinny tie, Dione shirt, Bershka pants,

 Fossil Wrist watch

 Patent Aldo brogues

Those glasses, the thick, black-rimmed specs are everywhere, celebs are drawing on their inner geek and turning the style stakes up a notch.

 Leighton Meester sported a knitted tie and pencil skirt whilst on the set of Gossip Girl.  

They popped up on the runways at Marc by Marc Jacobs,  where the frames possessed more of an Eighties hipster vibe, and at Anna Sui they came in a dark green tortoiseshell effect.

Here are a few tips for you to notice along the way.
  1. When buy­ing your geek/nerd glasses, make sure they suit your face.
  2. Dont be afraid to mix geek glasses with other styles as well. Urban, Hip­pie, Prep­pie, Rock, Emo, what­ever your taste, the glasses will work with it all. Just let the glasses do the talk­ing
  3. When it comes to make up, keep it fresh and sophis­ti­cated.

Monday, 28 May 2012

What to wear: Monochrome skirt

 Bimbo says, " I have a monochrome (striped) skirt but don't know what to wear with it. I need cute ideas please "

I love mixing monochrome with 'mustards' and 'reds' and i think they go perfectly. For a sophisticated/elegant yet fashion forward look, Instead of a dull black or white top, i decided to go for a mustard top and a red slim belt but toned down the look with black red bottom heels (christian louboutin, I love) and a black chanel bag

What to wear: Monochrome skirt 

For make up ideas, i think you should go for a bold red lip and subtle eyes like Dita Von Teese.

For a casual chic look, I paired the monochrome skirt with red flats, a white top and black Zara shopper.

For make up ideas, i think you should go for a Natural look and pink lip stain

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tutorial 3: Bustier top Pattern

Measurements needed: shoulder, upper bust ( for boob tubes/ corset tops), bust point ( from the highest point of the shoulder to the nipple), bust, bust apart ( distance between the nipples), under bust, back half length ( the highest point of the back to the deepest point of the back), waist, blouse length and hips.

Calculations Needed:
  1. shoulder/2+0.5
  2. upper bust length+0.5
  3. round upper bust/4+dart allowance+1" (sewing allowance)
  4. bust point+0.5
  5. bust/4+dart allowance+1"
  6. under bust length+0.5
  7. Round under bust/4+dart allowance+1"
  8. back half length+0.5
  9. waist/4+dart allowance+1"
  10. blouse length+1.5"
  11. hips/4+dart allowance+1"
  12. Bust apart/2+0.5
Dart allowance should be 2.5"

  •  Measure the neck width A and depth B ( i usually use 3" for both because i like high necks) from the folded tip marked O.
  • Join A and B using a french curve for a round neck ( you can use any other neck block you want)
  • Measure the shoulder from O and this is labelled point C, take 1" below point C and join to A. This gives the slope of the shoulder.
  • From point O, measure the bust point D, back half length E and blouse length F vertically along the folded side of the paper.
  • Draw  horizontal straight lines from these points.
  • Measure bust along line D, waist along line E and hips along line F and join the points to give the outline of the top.
  • Measure 1.5" above the bust line and draw a straight horizontal line  
  • Join point C1 ( tip of shoulder line) to the horizontal line using a french curve, this will give you the armhole.
  • From point O, measure under bust length vertically and draw a horizontal line from that point
  • Measure bust  apart on the bust line, under bust line, waist line and hip line.
  • Draw a vertical line through the points and measure 0.5" to the left of the line and 1.5" to its right
  • Join  armhole to point on the bust line with a curve/cup as shown above
  • Cut along the lines


What to wear: Chic 1950's Glamour

IFE says, "Fashion emergency, our Old school day is coming up and i'm blank about an outfit. What do i do? I have pencil skirts and a floral print dress but need chic vintage looks, HELP!!!!!!

What to wear: Chic 1950's Glamour

Ah ife, your options are infinite and limitless! i happen to be a very huge vintage fan. Polka dots, floral prints, full circle skirts, pencil skirts, red lipstick, liquid eyeliner wings and false lashes embody all that is 50's fashion and i love every bit of it. Here is a gorg look i created for you. Its simple, cute and chic.

American burlesque dancer Dita von teese is one of the most stylish people in the industry due to her cabaret image. Vintage and sexy, Dita knows how to mix and match perfectly cut pieces to show off her best assets. She is an embodiment of 50's fashion and i love her. Retro, stylish and chic are the best words for Dita's street style and fashion sense and i think you can draw inspiration from her ensembles.