Saturday, 31 March 2012

Style Star: Kim Kardashian

You have to hand it to Kim; she is the multitasking celebrity of the year. Face and body of so many products that we cant "Keep Up" anymore. The sexy reality star's incredible bod makes it almost impossible for her to look bad; but what I really love about Kimmy is her 100% sexed up glamour - from the plunging necklines and mini skirts to those sky high Louboutins, she knows just the right amount of flesh to expose.  The key to Kim's style is dressing for your body type; she accentuates her curves with form fitting dresses and maintains a strong shoulder with jackets, blazers and shoulder pads; this balances the rest of her body and focuses on her tiny waist.

Not a fan of her personal life, Kim was undoubtedly the most stylish star of  2011. We cant keep our eyes of her. Who needs a husband, as long as kim steps out with her equally stylish sisters, she will remain a regular fixture on the stylish pages; its all about fashion double acts right now.

Here are some pictures of my favorite Kim looks:

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