Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Good Girl: sunday style

The Good Girl

Saw this closet flared belted dress and just had to create a set around it, its so cute and i love the turquoise color. I think I'd like to add stylist to my resume. What do you think?

Thursday, 28 June 2012

How To Do: The Top-Knot

The  Top Knot is practical and effortlessly chic. Fekkai Creative director; Gili, shows how you can create the perfect top knot with a little braiding and teasing.

To begin, mist hair with an aerosol hairspray. Aerosol hairspray is dry and will give texture and hold without adding frizz. When gathering the hair into a ponytail, Gili recommends tilting your head forward. This way, you get body where you want it. If you stand upright, the volume is going to fall down and you'll have unwanted puffiness below the base

Extend the base and have it sit really well in the elastic, who did this by gently pulling on the ponytail's sides. He then flattened the pony against the head and divided it into four sections

To hide the ponytail's elastic, Gili wrapped one section of hair around the base and secured with bobby pins. With three sections remaining, Gili took the back portion into his hands and fashioned a classic braid.

Next, Gili combined the leftover locks of hair and teased, using the same bristled brush he employed earlier.

Clockwise, from top left: holding the teased tresses between his fingers, Gili twisted them toward the base at a side angle.  After fanning out the twist, opening it up and over the base, he looped its ends under the braid. 

After pinning the end of the twist in place, Gili was left with what he calls a "seashell" shape.

Gili wrapped and pinned the braid and loose ends

Once excess locks were accounted for, Gili gave his seashell shape one final tug at the sides.

For a topknot that doesn't fall flat, Gili suggests coating the back and sides with a thin layer of leave-in conditioner instead of gel. It will nourish the hair all day instead of drying it out.

Voila! Gili's take on the topknot is finished.

Credit : Elle Magazine

Monday, 25 June 2012

Summer 2012 Hair trends

Here are the hottest hair trends for summer 2012:

Milkmaid Braids
Pinning braids up for a milkmaid effect like Dianna Agron is practical for summer, but it's also a great way to add some playfulness to a dressy outfit. For a textured appearance and more grip when braiding, apply a dry shampoo beforehand. 

Side-twists and long locks like Jessica Chastain's are whimsical and romantic.

Top Knot
A high-placed topknot like Nicole Richie's is the hottest hair trend this summer and it goes well with bangs and bold patterns.

Elastic headband
An elastic headband is useful but chic, as the Louis Vuitton spring 2012 show proved. Take the trend from day to night like Evan Rachel Wood with a black version of the accessory.

Beach waves
Beach waves are one of summer’s most popular styles. For a curlier, less tousled iteration of the look like my muse Kristen Bell, wrap two-inch sections of hair around a curling rod and mist with a lightweight hairspray

When worn loose and matte, beach waves have an edgier appearance; go for the unexpected by adding a fishtail braid like Ciara.

The Side Sweep
Update classic side-swept curls for summer by imparting volume and roughed-up texture like Kristen Stewart.

Bone Straight
Super-straight strands aren’t just for work. Julianne Hough proves that this sleek style is sexy, and can be low-maintenance too

Bun Galore
Instead of doing a traditional ballerina bun, take a que from Alison Brie and go for volume; height at the crown and a bigger, slightly mussed bun is fun-loving and flattering.

Fuss-free ponytails and summer go hand in hand. Make the look glamorous by sweeping hair back and adding statement earrings and trendy winged eyeliner like Diane Kruger

Braids are great
Instead of doing a side-braid, weave hair into a low back-braid like Nina Dobrev; if it happens to fall over your shoulder, it will be spontaneously sexy.

Knotted Scarves
Even without a bow on top, knotted head scarves are a must-wear for summer. Rihanna pulls this off perfectly

Short - Cut
A shorter cut like Olivia Munn's can enhance your natural beauty and make you look younger.

Parted Chignons
Simple yet sophisticated, Charlize Theron's side-parted low chignons are a no-brainer

Deep Curls
Summer is the perfect excuse for curly-haired beauties, so put down the flatiron. Hally Berry has done just that

Blunt Bangs
Straight-across fringe adds an edge to hairstyles at Marni, Antonio Berardi, Versace, and Elie Saab.

Retro Bouffants
Teased tresses had ’60s flair at Moschino, Oscar de la Renta, DSquared2, and Carolina Herrera. Get to teasing.....

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday - Cancer Style


If you were born between June 22 and July 22, then you're a Cancer! and summer is our season, it's our time now. Cancers are gentle, conservative, nurturing, defensive, contemplative and we prefer traditional pieces and are attracted to monochrome colors and pastels.

 Dress- Nine West, Shoes- Nine west, Bag- Vintage

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Daily beauty Routine- All this and I still look natural

Daily beauty Routine- All this and I still look natural

Hi people, 

This is a post about my daily beauty routine and products i use. A lot of people ask me what i do to keep my skin looking the way it does, *blush* :), here it is:
  1. Wash my face with Neutrogena deep clean facial scrub
  2. Cleanse with Royallux Astringent
  3. Apply Mary Kay Foundation primer as a base for the Mary Kay luminous foundation
  4. For my brows, I use Tara eyebrow pencil
  5. Then I apply my Sleek Divine "Bad girl" eyeshadow
  6. After that, I use my FM eyeliner
  7. Then I highlight my brow bone with a sleek angle brush, T Zone and below my eyes with Prestige highlighter and powder brush 
  8. I then apply sleek power with my powder brush and contour with Prestige bronzer
  9. I lengthen my lashes with Prestige's My biggest eyelashes
  10. Then apply prestige blush (number 7 in the picture above is a blush and highlighter combination) on the apples of my cheek 
  11. Then apply Mary Kay nude lipstick
  12. And finally, I spray Lola by Marc Jacobs Eau De Parfum all over  which leaves my skin wrapped in sensuous florals all day long.

I use step 7 and 8 to sculpt my face. The basic sculpting method involves highlighting and contouring the face. Basically, everything you highlight comes forward and everything you contour stays in the background. It is actually a trick to make you look thinner and make your face appear Oval in shape (which is the ideal face shape). The image above depicts places to highlight and contour. Will post more on this later.


Work Chic

Toyin says," I'm doing my internship and i dont know what to wear/buy, please i need ideas".

Work Chic

I have a lot of friends who currently started their I.T (internship) and N.Y.S.C jobs and have been asking for wardrobe advice. I understand that as an intern (which I am right now) you probably don’t have the funds to buy a full wardrobe, It's better to invest in a few key pieces you can mix and match for multiple options. Get a few classics like a black official dress, a pencil skirt, white shirt/top, black pants, and colored tops. For a bit of personality, get a print suit like this Elizabeth and James Freddi zigzag, tweed blazer and pants which you can also mix with other pieces in the set to create a totally different look. Accessorize with either studs or statement earrings, and keep a statement necklace and bright bag (like the red one which goes with almost everything) to induce a bit of style. A pair of flats is key for comfort, and invest in a couple pairs of heels.

Seek out key pieces that give you a polished look instead of trying to follow trends.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Spot light : Teju

In Line with my recent beauty and make up craze, i just had to showcase this rare talent. Teju is a friend of mine who is a make up artist and she is damn good at it. She trained and worked with beauty-cook studios early January 2011 and has been at it ever since. I love her because she knows how to balance simple and colour, she doesn't go over board  and always leaves your face glowing and as beautiful as ever. If you dont believe me, here's proof

Rapper Munachi Abii

 Teju sprucing up Davido's look


Her mission: Make up is my passion not just my business. It declares my purpose as a brand dedicated to ensuring people look their best. Bridals, musical videos, photography shoots, runway, I do it all. Making the world beautiful one face at a time. 

Teju uses a variety of products such as sleek eyeshadow palettes, powders, Zaron eyebrow fillers and pencils, Bm pro anti-shine serum, eye primer, M.A.C powder and bronzers, Mary Kay pencils........ the list is endless. She is definitely going places and i'm sure we will hear more from her. 

P.S: She also has ushers with elegance and poise to organise your occassions on demand.

Contact: 08188179505
BB PIN: 268227B8
Twitter: @tejuspluge