Friday, 21 September 2012

Angela Simmons by Indique Hair

Angela Simmons, the second daughter of legendary rapper Joseph Simmons, continues to diversify her resume, launching a new hair extension line for women.
She has been worked with Indique Virgin Hair Extensions to create the Bikini collection. She is the first celebrity spokesmodel for Indique, expanding her career as a 24-year-old business go-getter.

Simmons described the “Bikini” hair in detail. “We’ve made our own texture here,”. “It’s called Bikini [because] you can get it wet. You can get in the water with it and still look fabulous at the same time.”

She made sure to sport her innovative weave at the promotional hair launch. Her luscious locks were straightened for the event, giving fans and followers a chance to witness the hair’s flexibility.

EXECUTEES is the EXCLUSIVE Creator of the Angela Simmons Indique Hair Custom SIGNATURE Tube Tops in Swarovski Crystals for the INDIQUE Launch Party Event

Angela is wearing a Virgos Lounge floral bustier and pencil skirt and her Indique hair straightened
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Angela rocking Virgos Lounge Aggy jacket

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A 40 oz tube of Bikini hair retails between $210 – $305. A portion of the Bikini proceeds will go toward CancerCare, an organization that helps provide information, education, counseling, financial aid and other types of free professional help for people living with cancer or cancer-related illnesses.

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