Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Print Ideas for 2012

Under the Microscope – science and design collide with detailed images shown in overblown scale. 

 Ink Blot Camos – watercolor and ink spots create an organic update. 

 Eastern Color Block – influenced by Bauhaus and Mondrian with a hand painted feel.

Pop Art Conversationals – bold, outlined shapes take inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein’s technique. 

Tribal Wash – ethnic prints that are hand-painted yet look as if rain has washed part of the design away

Abstract Elements – tie-dye textures that take inspiration from the earth such as minerals and other organic matter.

Bohemian Folk - geometrics, paisleys and floral designs influenced by Ballets Russes. 

Baroque Opulence – rich, ornamental, embroidery inspired designs with an antique feel.

Geometrical prints - all about irregular shapes and designs.

Floral Prints: floral impacts are so stylish and trendy, they give you a fashionable and trendy look.

From the print source new york

Was inspired by these print ideas and I could picture my next sewing projects by just looking at them, so i decided to go out and look for fabrics with a few of these prints in mind. It took me a while to choose them, but i finally narrowed it down. Here is my haul

                        floral print inspired organza

                     floral print inspired brocade

                        bohemian folk /silk road inspired fabric

                        geometric print inspired fabric

keep visiting to see what i do with them......... thank you

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