Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Trend Alert : Detachable Collars

While I was reading up on the latest fashion Trends, I saw one particular accessory everywhere: detachable collars. Apparently they have been popular amongst the more fashion forward since 2010 and they look absolutely fabulous!
Detachable collars last had a significant heyday in Victorian times, when stiff white collars were the norm. The detachable collars available today are not quite the same thing that was worn back in the 1800s; their modern incarnations are more varied in style and embellished, which makes them easier to incorporate into the modern wardrobe.
Detachable collars have been a quirky accessory of choice for bloggers and stylists since Miu Miu's infamous spring 2010 show, but they're no longer niche frippery for fashion peacocks. When chosen and worn correctly, detachable collars can add polish to an outfit without the bulk of a whole shirt. Click through to see different versions, each with its own twist on the trend. Which would you wear? 

Tricky Trend: Detachable Collars

 This is definitely a trendy new accessory for 2012 so i decided to make some of mine. hope you like them, 

                                                        Collars - Dione 
Collars also available in Lace, cotton , different shapes and embellished ones. Enjoy........


clairey said...

This is a big NO for me. Lol. But the peter pan collar-like ones are sooo cute.

sheila said...

i like them, think they are cute and very fashion forward.