Monday, 19 March 2012

Arise Magazine Fashion Week : Odio Mimonet

Hey people,
Its been too long, i miss my life, sewing  and blogging. I have been locked away (literally) at the NYSC (National Youth Service Corp) camp for the past two weeks. Its been very hard adjusting to life at camp. Its a compulsory programme that all college graduates in Nigeria have to go through (like a rite of passage into employment). Its more like boot camp, complete with Military personnel, exercises, drills, khaki clothing and waking up at 3 a.m, that's right 3 a.m. Usually when going through situations like this one, there are 3 stages; separation, transition, and reincorporation but i cant seem to get past the transition stage.

Separating from my life and family was very difficult, withdrawing from that current status and adjusting to the military lifestyle is next to impossible; not that i'm not a hard worker, i strive to be the best at everything i do but there is just no motivation here; no electricity, good plumbing, Wi-fi, magazines, freedom, NOTHING. Its like prison but worse because you are getting punished for getting an education. Cutting away my former self: the civilian, is harder than i thought but its all good because we are serving our Country.

I'm stuck in the transition (liminal) phase, cant seem to get out of it and i still have 1 week left; just thinking about it makes me tired but what can i do?..... Thank God for Blackberry Smart Phones, I just had to steal a moment to find out what was happening in the world and realized that i missed the Arise magazine fashion week. I got the chance to see the various designers and their collections and i must say, they were beautiful. From Phunk Afrique to Vonne Couture, it was an array of stylish and innovative designs. Will try to post as many as i can.

Odio Mimonet :
Her collection consisted mostly of embellished designs and presented a vibrant and varied collection. Odio Mimonet won the Innovative Designer of the Year award and i think she deserved it. i love all her designs and very ladylike dresses.

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