Friday, 2 March 2012

One Cute dress

Ok,  the story behind this is, my little cousin came to my house while i was sewing one day and i guess she liked what she saw because she immediately started asking me to make the dress i had pinned to the mannequin for her. At the time i was so busy and kept procrastinating (also partly because i always put things off till the last minute, forcive habit). She was very specific, loooool; she told me she wanted it for her birthday and it should be a dress with pink flowers on it, something a bit sparkly and beaded somewhere. I laughed so hard i almost passed out ( She is 8, you cant imagine the facial expression she had). I couldn't start the dress because i didn't have any fabric that fit her description, this gave me the perfect excuse to go shopping (which i have been doing a lot of, i need help). I was lucky, found something close to perfect; I just had to turn it into the dress she wanted, I really tried to impress her and I know I did. The big smile on her face when I handed her the dress was enough reward; apart from the fact that I enjoy sewing a lot. Its my thing. 

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