Monday, 6 February 2012

Timeless Beauty, Vintage Queen, My Mum

I got it from my mama, I got it from my mama; loooool.
Parents have always had a bad reputation for the way the dress,  but not my mum. She is quite the sartorially elegant and savvy lady. While at home yesterday, i was going through old photo albums and stumbled upon some pictures of my mum in her university years (80's) and I can safely say they were amazing. My mum looked (and still does) like a model, she reminded me of those images that were sketched to show off vintage patterns.
I look up to her. She is my hero and my role model in more ways than one. She is a strong woman and an inspiration to many, she is beautiful, she is my mum.........



                                     my mum and her equally fashionable friends


                                       I love this bag




tola said...

Omg, this is so cute, missing my mum too

Anonymous said...

your mum does look good, i like her style.

Anonymous said...

wooow... so dats where all ur style comes from.... ur mum looks great...

Anonymous said...

love dat polka-dot dress n d green hat.... ur mama's got brilliant style..