Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fashion Nerds: Needle Krafters

I remember the moment when I realized i really liked fashion. That transition moment when my interest in a dress or adornment  and clothing went from a passive form of enjoyment to an unquenchable curiosity.

It might be a magazine, a particular detail on a dress somebody wore or the fact that the tailor keeps getting the style of your clothes wrong, you cant find that right outfit that fits your body perfectly, it wasn't enough to put on that dress anymore, you had to know its conceptual and cultural story. This curiosity gives rise to many questions plaguing fashion students and other individuals. How far are you willing to take your search?

I enrolled in Needle Kraft Fashion School ( a decision i do not regret). Always sitting in the front row, all serious (thinking to myself  "I'm such a nerd" ), was sure a lot of people in the class could relate to me, they were just like me. Watching the enthusiastic students, always ready to learn ( almost as if you can see their brains opening up and absorbing every little piece of information) and the wonderful teachers, as they scurry about, trying to assist everyone and lecture at the same time, i felt inspired to post this. I appreciate every bit of conversation by other students surrounding me:

"What are you wearing, did you make that"

"How did you pattern that cowl neck top"

"Is that a peter pan collar, how did u make it"

"What are you going to make next"

"Have you tried the shirt pattern with yoke"

"Is the length of this top okay"

"Sewing is not easy, its a lot of hard work and Dedication"  

They inspire me. This is for my fellow FASHION NERDS on the quest to get all those important questions answered, and the teachers, on their relentless quest to impact knowledge.

LOVE YOU GUYS......................

Needle kraft, 16, Ogunnusi Road, Akiode-Ojodu, Ikeja-Lagos.
  Tel: +2348029990044, n+234 (1) 4818833

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