Thursday, 12 January 2012

Shoes Shoes Shoes : Alejandro Ingelmo

Move over Christian Louboutin there's a new kid on the block; Alejandro Ingelmo. He is a New York based shoe designer who was nominated recently for a CDFA ( Council Of Fashion Designers of America) award. He does not disappoint. His shoes combine architecture with grown up feminine elegance and have already walked the runways of several major fashion shows. His designs include cage heels, mirror metallic layered peep-toe booties with cut away backs and gilded leather sandals all so shiny, they seem to glow from within. Ladies, if you are ready to make your friends amazed, get one of these gorg shoes. Skim through the amazing collection of unique shoe models which have captured the hearts of fashion heavy weights like Mary-Kate Olsen and Madonna.

                                                      Alejandro Ingelmo


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