Sunday, 22 January 2012

Upcycled Barbie Jewelry: Margaux Lange

     Like most barbie obsessions, artist Margaux Lange's began as a child. the New York based artist reconfigures barbie into upcycled, unusual one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces - brooches, necklaces, earrings and rings which are all featured in her collection "My Plastic Body Series".
    Upcycling for those not familiar with the term, means taking discarded objects which usually end up as land fill and finding new use for them. It is distinct from Recycling in that upcycling does not involve changing the original form of items into a new one. 
     As a young girl, i loved barbie - she's got style and the girl can do anything. She experimented with almost every career known to man, however, her body type has been proven multiple times to be beyond realistic, a narrowly idealized figure being sold to young girls as the pinnacle of beauty. Her form is down right impossible to achieve. Influencing pop culture till this day, the line "Being Plastic is fantastic" (perfectly etched in the minds of women everywhere) will forever haunt every female and barbie will keep setting new heights of unachievable beauty. What more can i say, ITS A BARBIE WORLD, WE ALL JUST LIVE IN IT.

Margaux's unique ability to relate the individual body parts allows her to create beautiful jewelry that are so intricate, the plastic pieces are sometimes not recognisable. Tiny hands, legs and even buttocks feature in the work of the American artist. the Jewelry is secured with hand fabricated sterling silver and pigmented resins, no piece gets left behind. Would i call this Bizarre???????? , not very sure.


                                            Yes neckpiece

                                Bubble gum pop neckpiece

                                        If the shoe fits bracelet

                                         Hands bracelet

                                          Hearring blossoms

                                          Smiley brooch

                                         Starbust hand brooch

                                          Busted heart pendant

                                          Smiley necklace on torque

                                               Winged necklace


sheila said...

i love your blog. it is so informative, not just another person trying to show off their lifestyle.

tayo said...

very true girl. love your piece about barbie