Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tutorial 2: Pleats

Pleats are very easy to create. They are angular shapes made by folding. It is also known as a crease. There are 3 different types of  pleats:
  • knife pleat
  • box pleat and 
  • kissing pleat
Measurements needed: band/waist, skirt length
calculations needed:
  1. waist + 1.5" ( 1.5" for zip allowance)
  2. skirt length + 1.5" ( 1.5" sewing hem allowance)
     To get the length of material needed to create the pleats required, you multiply the width of each pleat by the number of pleats desired.

  1. knife pleats : If I wanted a skirt with 24 pleats (like the one i was wearing in my first post; the green one) of width 2" , the length of material needed will be
                                              2" * 24 * 3"     (we multiply by 3" too because to create a knife pleat fold up , you fold over 3 times) as illustrated below. Do not forget to leave your zip allowance at both ends of the material.

2.  Box/ kissing pleat: if i wanted a skirt with 5 box pleats of width 4", the length of material needed will be
                                4" * 5 * 6" ( 6" because to create one box pleat, you fold over 6 times)

      Ensure to measure the length after folding. This is to check if it matches your waist measurement; if not, adjust folds slightly till they meet your requirements.
         Enjoy and keep visiting........

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