Saturday, 9 June 2012

Tribal Necklaces

For those who want to make a statement without sacrificing their comfort level, a tribal necklace is the perfect, small-scale way to top off a simple LBD or add some intrigue to your t-shirt and jeans look. It's no secret that tribal-chic is huge for Summer 2012 so some of my favorite style setters have been showing off the trend around their necks. Whether it's an oversize statement collar, layered beads, or even a single horn pendant piece,you can look to a slew of stars for styling inspiration.

You can wear a tribal necklace to add a pop of color to your outfit, Solange, used hers to amplify her outfit by picking a necklace that featured a neon hue similar to one of the colors on her printed top. 

 Rihanna and Kim used their necklaces to transform otherwise simple outfits. Rihanna layered hers over a casual white tee while kim wore hers with a tangerine top and nude blazer. The addition of these necklaces elevated their respective outfits from casual to cool, in an instant.

These necklaces were influenced by Culture from the Native African and are made from natural material such as turquoise and wood/metals to create sophisticated designs. Natural and rich of meaning are the biggest attractive points of natural tribal jewelries which turned out to be a hot fashion jewelry trend for 2012. 

 Rocking my Aldo tribal necklace

 I have a few more........


I love this trend so much, I started making some of my own

choker inspired by Kourtney Kardashian

For something a bit simple........

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yemo omo said...

dione ruby and miami are my cos of d color and ruby cos it looks very sophisticated..tink i will go with ruby...really nice..job well done