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Beauty is a characteristic of a person that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction.

 I have always wanted to start a beauty section on my blog and i think this is the perfect time. I'm currently in a make-up school and i'm loving every bit of it. I know more beauty and skin care tips that i can now share with every one, and what better way to start than to share the worst, bad taste beauty mistakes with you. But first what do you think of my make up? cute and simple isn't it?  

less is always more


Too-long hair, muddy bronzer. The line separating good taste from bad in beauty and fashion can be dangerously thin. These trends fall on the wrong side of the polished spectrum and they are:

MIS-MATCHED FACE AND NECK: Foundation is all about consistency. You ruin the illusion of flawlessness when you forget to match your face to your neck. To avoid looking like you're wearing a mask, blend your foundation down to your decolletage (neck and upper part of chest). Take your time to blend girls!!!!!!!!!!!

DERRIÈRE - LENGTH HAIR: Long hair is sexy, but can be too much of a good thing. To your bra strap is good. To your butt is too much. I hate this.

VISIBLE LIP LINER: We know where your lips are, there's no need to contour them in a shade darker than your skin tone or lipstick. If you must line, do so with a shade that matches your lipstick.

BRONZER BONANZA: Bronzer should make skin appear sun-warmed not sun-wrecked. Add just enough for a believable glow. Ways not to do this below

CRAGGY MANICURES: The off-duty model look has found popularity with young designers like Alexander Wang. But there's a difference between hip and chipped. A totaled manicure belongs to the second category. Take it off and buff if you don't have time to repaint.

SCOUSE BROWS: When heavy-handed, stenciled-in brows are inspired by television shows like Jerseylicious, you know it aint right. On the opposite end of the brow spectrum, over-tweezed brows are equally scary. When in doubt, leave the plucking to a professional. 

 Does this look right? nnnnoooooo

LONG,CURVING NAILS: A little length, buffed and painted, is ultrafeminine. But once your nails make texting a chore, it's time to pull out the clippers.

EXCESSIVE GLITTER: You should be going for a subtle shimmer rather than blinding disco ball.

OVERFILLED LIPS: Bee-stung lips are sexy. Looking like a fish when you overdose on fillers is not. Take note ladies (you know who you are).

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