Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Spot light : Teju

In Line with my recent beauty and make up craze, i just had to showcase this rare talent. Teju is a friend of mine who is a make up artist and she is damn good at it. She trained and worked with beauty-cook studios early January 2011 and has been at it ever since. I love her because she knows how to balance simple and colour, she doesn't go over board  and always leaves your face glowing and as beautiful as ever. If you dont believe me, here's proof

Rapper Munachi Abii

 Teju sprucing up Davido's look


Her mission: Make up is my passion not just my business. It declares my purpose as a brand dedicated to ensuring people look their best. Bridals, musical videos, photography shoots, runway, I do it all. Making the world beautiful one face at a time. 

Teju uses a variety of products such as sleek eyeshadow palettes, powders, Zaron eyebrow fillers and pencils, Bm pro anti-shine serum, eye primer, M.A.C powder and bronzers, Mary Kay pencils........ the list is endless. She is definitely going places and i'm sure we will hear more from her. 

P.S: She also has ushers with elegance and poise to organise your occassions on demand.

Contact: 08188179505
BB PIN: 268227B8
Email: tejuspluge@yahoo.com
Twitter: @tejuspluge

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Blaqie Chan said...

Yea. She's damn good at it. Plus i know she's gonna go places.