Thursday, 28 June 2012

How To Do: The Top-Knot

The  Top Knot is practical and effortlessly chic. Fekkai Creative director; Gili, shows how you can create the perfect top knot with a little braiding and teasing.

To begin, mist hair with an aerosol hairspray. Aerosol hairspray is dry and will give texture and hold without adding frizz. When gathering the hair into a ponytail, Gili recommends tilting your head forward. This way, you get body where you want it. If you stand upright, the volume is going to fall down and you'll have unwanted puffiness below the base

Extend the base and have it sit really well in the elastic, who did this by gently pulling on the ponytail's sides. He then flattened the pony against the head and divided it into four sections

To hide the ponytail's elastic, Gili wrapped one section of hair around the base and secured with bobby pins. With three sections remaining, Gili took the back portion into his hands and fashioned a classic braid.

Next, Gili combined the leftover locks of hair and teased, using the same bristled brush he employed earlier.

Clockwise, from top left: holding the teased tresses between his fingers, Gili twisted them toward the base at a side angle.  After fanning out the twist, opening it up and over the base, he looped its ends under the braid. 

After pinning the end of the twist in place, Gili was left with what he calls a "seashell" shape.

Gili wrapped and pinned the braid and loose ends

Once excess locks were accounted for, Gili gave his seashell shape one final tug at the sides.

For a topknot that doesn't fall flat, Gili suggests coating the back and sides with a thin layer of leave-in conditioner instead of gel. It will nourish the hair all day instead of drying it out.

Voila! Gili's take on the topknot is finished.

Credit : Elle Magazine

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